Restaurant Payment System Allows Patrons To Dine And Dash

Restaurant Payment System Allows Patrons To Dine And Dash
Financial Services

Barclaycard is testing out a new way for customers to pay seamlessly without having to wait for the bill

Mario Valdivieso
  • 9 march 2018

Sometimes the most frustrating part about dining is having to wait for the check, especially when in a hurry. The multinational payment service Barclaycard is keeping people’s constant on-the-go nature in mind by testing out a new payment system that lets customers dine, pay and then dash.

Barclaycard is calling this new service Dine and Dash, a device that would be installed at each table allowing people to pay for their meal without having to ask for the bill. To use the system, users download the Dine and Dash app onto their phones, then tap the device on the table with their phone and it will register the app with the device, allowing customers to leave at any point and automatically charging the bill to whatever payment option users have set up.

The app allows the patrons to add a tip, apply discount codes and even split the tab amongst each other. The Dine and Dash app and device are following a trend of payment services creating options for customers to self-checkout using their phones. Barclaycard will be testing it out on March 13 at the St. Martins Lane Avenue Prezzo restaurant in Central London.


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