Buzzfeed Wants To Make Scheduled Programming Part Of The Streaming Experience

Buzzfeed Wants To Make Scheduled Programming Part Of The Streaming Experience

As a way to attract more viewers for its original TV content, the online media company will stream shows at a scheduled time across all platforms

Mario Valdivieso
  • 28 march 2018

Streaming has changed the way we approach and take in content. Viewers have adjusted, and media companies have needed to adapt their distribution models accordingly. Buzzfeed, a recent player in the original TV game, has decided to mix a little old with the new by airing a new show at a designated time across all platforms—bringing back the feeling of prime time.

Buzzfeed has been producing more original shows on a weekly basis. In order to get more viewers, the online media company has decided to test out streaming its food docuseries Worth It on Youtube, Facebook, Amazon, Hulu and Roku during what Buzzfeed is calling a “universal window” of time. If this strategy proves successful, Buzzfeed will extend it to other shows, such as Buzzfeed Unsolved and Ladylike.

Tal Shachar, the head of business strategy and growth at Buzzfeed felt this was a good way to integrate the traditional ways people consumed content with the way they do now. The company began to notice that if a video wasn’t posted at their regular time, they would get a large number of comments asking for the content.

“Data showed people were clamoring for our episodic content in ways that fit the traditional consumption model,” Shachar told Digiday.

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