Incorporating Cloud-Based Solutions For Investment Banking

Incorporating Cloud-Based Solutions For Investment Banking
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In our Digital Banking Playbook with Microsoft, PSFK examines how banks are improving efficiency and risk management with cloud technology

  • 8 march 2018

With high regulatory scrutiny and growing complexity in managing risk, it is an unprecedented time for the financial industry. The industry also continues to face margin pressures, while requirements for increased capital reserves and liquidity are central to a bank’s freedom to fund new market opportunities. PSFK’s Digital Banking Playbook, a collaboration with Microsoft, describes how cloud technology can alleviate these challenges for financial institutions.

To improve operational efficiency and risk management capabilities, investment banks are moving to cloud-based solutions. In doing so, they can derive more sophisticated data insights, streamline operational efficiencies and improve security, while designing with agility-first, new business models. Key challenges to confront with the cloud include:

  • Addressing structural cost by creating an agile infrastructure that can respond to evolving market trends and regulatory requirements
  • Optimizing compute capacity based on real-time needs and usage to ensure proficiency of risk models
  • Upgrading legacy systems to more effectively gather, analyze and contextualize a wide range of data
  • Scaling computing resources to optimize risk management and meet a continued evolution of regulatory requirements
  • Improving the efficiency and speed of collaboration between bankers across departments to employ the expertise of colleagues
  • Increasing bankers’ mobility resources for remote, secure, private and compliant access to their working platforms
  • Quickly deploying new, innovative products and services to deliver more value to clients

The Digital Banking Playbook, presented in partnership with Microsoft, highlights how digital tools can augment a financial institution’s ability to optimize operations and reinvigorate the client experience. Download the free report here.

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