Coca-Cola Will Soon Be Selling Alcoholic Soda In Japan

Coca-Cola Will Soon Be Selling Alcoholic Soda In Japan

The global drinks brand is developing an alcoholic beverage for its Japanese market as it continues to branch out from soda

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 14 march 2018

While a rum and Coke may be a common mixed drink, Coca-Cola itself has always focused on selling non alcoholic beverages—until now. The beverage company announced it will start selling an alcoholic product in the Japanese market, as “alcopops,” the name for alcoholic sodas, are popular in Japan.

While only a few details are currently available regarding the product, Coca-Cola will likely base the new drink around the popular chuhai beverages sold by brands like Sapporo and Asahi. In a recent corporate Q&A, Coke Japan’s president Jorge Garduño said that this new venture is a “modest experiment for a specific slice of our market.”

As consumers shy away from sugary soft drinks, Coca-Cola has already been moving toward products like water and juice. If this beverage manages to do well in Japan, it could join the line-up of spiked seltzer and hard root beers that have grown in popularity over the last few years.


Lead Image: Glass of cola via Shutterstock


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