The First Self-Driving Car Fleet Is Open To The Public In China

The First Self-Driving Car Fleet Is Open To The Public In China
AI released an autonomous ride-hailing service open for general ridership

Jiwon Kim
  • 7 march 2018 is a startup dedicated to creating self-driving cars. The company took one step closer to its vision of a future dominated by autonomous vehicles by launching a hailing service consisting of self-driving cars in a small area near its China headquarters in Nansha, Guangzhou. The cars run on a two-mile public route that the public can access. 

This is an impressive accomplishment for a startup that is just over a year old. Even though the route is quite small, the startup tested its fleet in harsh weather conditions and complex traffic disasters. The cars quickly acknowledge the presence of pedestrians, other automobiles and even motorcyclists.

So far, four automobiles are available for use. Passengers can travel between a government site and Nansha’s city square. plans on expanding its pilot programs in other parts of Guangzhou. The hope is that their technology will continue to improve and they will be able to scale up quickly and safely.

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