Wearable Tracker Monitors The Wellness Of Your Brain

Wearable Tracker Monitors The Wellness Of Your Brain

Originally designed for patients with epilepsy, Embrace is worn around the wrist to monitor brain activity

Jennifer Passas
  • 15 march 2018

Similar to a wearable device that is able track your fitness, there is a now a wristband that can track your brain. Called Embrace, the wearable, which was originally designed for individuals with epilepsy, is able to monitor your brain activity. The startup behind the device, Empatica, was founded by Rosalind Picard, director of the Affective Computing Research Lab at the MIT Media Lab.

The device uses electrical activity on the skin to track the wearer’s seizures. In a recent clinical study, Embrace was able to detect the seizures of 135 patients over 272 days 100% of the time. Due to its efficacy, the device is the first smartwatch certified as a medical device by the FDA.

While the Embrace was designed for people with epilepsy, Picard hopes the watch will help individuals with other conditions, such as autism and depression, as well as a larger segment of the population to manage day-to-day stress. The wristband contains a medical-grade sensor and machine learning algorithms to monitor neurological conditions. While detecting anxiety and stress is more difficult than detecting seizures, the watch is able to monitor data on stress levels, which the founders hope in time will be able to help individuals manage their anxiety and stress.


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