Google Put Together An Entire AI Connected Home For SXSW

Google Put Together An Entire AI Connected Home For SXSW

The tech giant fit an Austin home with the gamut of its artificial intelligence capabilities, from voice-activated sprinklers and self-parking cars to robots that fold laundry

Catherine Ollinger
  • 19 march 2018

‘Smart House’ came as close as it can to real life at this March’s SXSW Festival with Google’s connected home, an entire house and garden outfitted with all of the tech giant’s latest AI capabilities. The goal of the display was to showcase the potential everyday applications of Google Assistant, the artificial intelligence and voice platform, and encourage mass-market adoption of the technology.


Google is just one of many companies showing at Austin’s SXSW Festival that want to gain an edge against their competitors by captivating the audience’s attention with immersive brand activation experiences. Considering the connected home’s self-parking car, interactive lawn decorations, laundry-folding robots, voice-activated blinds, drink-mixing capabilities and even automatic litter-box cleaning, Google certainly made an impressive effort. However, the tech company’s endeavor may also reveal the extent of its struggle to retain its share of the market against other AI devices, like Amazon’s Echo.




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