The Hooters Restaurant In Tokyo Is Now A Coworking Space

The Hooters Restaurant In Tokyo Is Now A Coworking Space

The restaurant chain is collaborating with Japan's Spacee to rent out desk space during its slow hours, discounts on chicken wings included

Lara Piras
  • 27 march 2018

Hooters’ Tokyo restaurant, located in the Ginza neighborhood, has teamed up with Spacee, a Japanese spacial experience company that works with Tokyo eateries to offer rentable spaces during the restaurants’ downtime.

Intended to boost productivity during the chain’s off-peak hours, consumers are now able to rent desks for work at Hooters while receiving discounts on food and drink. The 50-yen fee (about 48 cents) for 30 minutes of work space time is free for students, with those under the age of 18 requiring a guardian of legal age.

This idea taps into the theme of multi-use spaces (think supper clubs popping up in retail stores), prompting inspiration for dissimilar brands to collaborate to provide unexpected locations for people to work and play.

Hooters Japan Spacee

Lead Image: Hooters Japan via Facebook


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