Kobi Wu, founder and CEO of VisuWall, discusses the tech enabling advertisers to track impressions in the real world

With our eyes strained by inundated social feeds, the appeal of the humble poster has never been more evident. In New York, at least, street advertising has always found its audience—look no further than the colorful branded murals dotting Williamsburg, New York Magazine’s artist covers and OkCupid’s currently ubiquitous DTF campaign. But the nature of the medium leaves advertisers without the satisfaction of counting every click.

Kobi Wu founded VisuWall to bring data-collecting sensor technology to street-level ads. The company works with landlords to match vacant storefronts with brand campaigns, whose imagery is then outfitted with a tiny sensor that counts foot traffic and determines when and where people are looking. Kobi, who recently won the $10,000 Hillman pitch competition at Black Women Talk Tech, sat down with PSFK to talk about the proliferation of tools that track consumer behavior in physical spaces and the importance of approaching outdoor advertising thoughtfully.

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