App-Connected Jacket Adjusts To All Types Of Weather

App-Connected Jacket Adjusts To All Types Of Weather
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Ministry of Supply created the Mercury Jacket with carbon fiber heating elements to heat or cool the wearer based on the ambient temperature

Leo Lutero
  • 8 march 2018

Ministry of Supply has made its name for clothing that uses smart fabric, durable construction, and timeless, minimalist design. The brand’s latest product follows these old rules while providing wearers with what could be an all-season jacket. From sub-zero snow to the light breezes of fall, the Mercury Jacket can handle it all despite feeling light.

At the core of the minimally-designed jacket are carbon-fiber heating elements. It has internal and external temperature sensors, an accelerator, Bluetooth and a manual switch. When the user controls active heat output via the app, the Mercury Jacket learns user preferences. Over time, the jacket will auto-adjust itself.

For example, when the user walks from a cold street into a warm store, the heaters can automatically shut off. Once the wearer goes outdoors again, the jacket can heat up all on its own.

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A removable power bank powers the entire system, and it can also charge phones using the Qi pad embedded in an external pocket. Like other Ministry of Supply products, fabric on the jacket is infused with coffee grounds for odor control. The jacket is available for a pledge of $295 on Kickstarter, where a campaign has already raised over 500% of its $72,000 goal.

Ministry of Supply

Lead Image: Ministry of Supply via Twitter

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