Digital Makeup Mirror Plays Beauty Tutorials Right On Your Reflection

Digital Makeup Mirror Plays Beauty Tutorials Right On Your Reflection

The touchscreen mirror has a built-in digital assistant and how-to visuals to aid users in their makeup and skincare routines

Anna Johansson
  • 1 march 2018

Morror combines the digital assistant with a magnifying makeup mirror. The device can play makeup and skincare tutorials while acting as a normal mirror for makeup application, in addition to providing the perfect lighting to get things just right.

When not in operation, Morror is a simple round mirror on a stand. Its minimal appearance is designed to work with any existing home decor.  To wake up the digital display, a user simply presses a button on the stand, and a touchscreen will appear.

To watch a tutorial on skincare or makeup, users can select from a library of videos and follow the step-by-step instructions right on the mirror.  It removes the need to look back and forth between mirror and screen, hopefully simplifying routines for users who would otherwise have to pause and rewind should they miss anything.

It is not clear whether Morror will integrate with widely used platforms like YouTube in the future. For now, it looks like a user will only be able to access the tutorials within Morror’s own library. These include videos on self-face massages, basic makeup application, contouring, wrinkle-elimination and skincare, which involve a series of practical drawings, verbal instructions and directional lines.

“Users can start their mornings off with makeup tutorials while ending the day with skincare tutorials in the evening,” Morror founder Jian Zhang said in a statement. “Our goal is to make makeup and skincare routines much easier as our lives continue to get busier.”

In addition to the mirror’s magnification, Morror’s lighting system simulates natural light, which is considered best for applying makeup. The mirror can also provide detailed information on the weather, including humidity, UV levels, cloud cover, indoor temperature and outdoor temperature to prepare the user for the day ahead. These lead to specific tips, such as the best type of makeup to wear in humid weather.

Morror is offering the smart mirror for $105 on its Kickstarter campaign, but it is slated to retail for $229 when it hits stores.


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