Online Magazine Prompts Readers To Disconnect Their Wi-Fi

Online Magazine Prompts Readers To Disconnect Their Wi-Fi
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The Disconnect wants to encourage focus and reduce the attention-depleting nature of the Internet

Jiwon Kim
  • 20 march 2018

The Disconnect is a new literary magazine that can be read only if Wi-Fi is turned off. There’s a URL that links to the site, but after that it can be accessed only if the device is no longer connected to the internet. The point of this is to take advantage of the access and reach the Internet provides while reducing how distracting and overwhelming it can be.

The founders are not trying to fight the advancement of technology, but rather are approaching and utilizing it in a more thoughtful way. The site explains, “We’re building The Disconnect with our techno-human limitations in mind. This magazine is an experiment that combines the pace and intentionality of old media with the accessibility and inventive nature of new media.”

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The issues are about different human interactions with technology, written in poetry and other forms of fictional and non-fictional narrative. The pieces are well-written, engaging and thought-provoking. You can find the first issue here.

The Disconnect

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