Sony’s Augmented Reality Air Hockey Amplifies The Game

Sony’s Augmented Reality Air Hockey Amplifies The Game
Augmented & Virtual Reality

The electronics company demoed the virtually enhanced game at SXSW this March to showcase its latest AR technology

Catherine Ollinger
  • 27 march 2018

Sony created an augmented reality air hockey game for its Wow Studio at Austin’s SXSW festival and conference. Hosting up to four players at once, the game starts out normally, with players batting around a physical puck into goals on a real-life table. Gradually, virtual pucks enter the players’ field of vision through an AR headset, and gamers “hit” them using paddles equipped with haptic sensors that vibrate upon virtual contact with a puck.

While the game is not currently available for consumers to purchase, the point of the debut was to showcase Sony’s high-speed “vision sensor,” a device that tracks objects at a rate of up to 1,000 frames per second, allowing for very low latency and a realistic gaming experience. Overall, the game helps position Sony as a leader in AR tech.


Lead Image: Sony via Facebook

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