Researchers at UCLA and USC have created TEVI, an advanced conversational AI for subjective thoughts

The line between humans and artificial intelligence is becoming more blurry. A joint team of AI researchers from UCLA and USC, working as the startup Textpert, have built TEVI (Textpert Empathetic Virtual Interface), an advanced chatbot capable of talking and problem-solving “using unscripted natural language generation.”

In other words, TEVI can fill in as a rudimentary talk therapist, and it's getting better with every conversation it has.

“TEVI will talk [to] you, learn about you, and become your friend and mentor,” Textpert writes on its website.

Is TEVI the beginning of the end for real-life therapists? Not likely. The AI is still a work in progress and needs a lot more polishing before it can be trusted to interact with the public in the role of a professionally trained therapist, especially with those in need of mental help.

But TEVI does represent an important advance in conversational AI, and you could be asking Alexa or Siri for relationship advice in addition to the weather forecast sooner rather than later.


Lead Image: Psychologist via Shutterstock