Virgin’s Hyperloop One Debuted Its High-Speed Vehicle Prototype In Dubai

Virgin’s Hyperloop One Debuted Its High-Speed Vehicle Prototype In Dubai

The commuter pod will be able to relay passengers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi (over 85 miles) in just 12 minutes

Catherine Ollinger
  • 6 march 2018

Hyperloop One, an American manufacturer of high-speed vehicles intended to give airplanes a run for their money, partnered with Dubai’s Road Transport Authority (RTA) to create an ultra-fast passenger pod that can transport people around the UAE at speeds of up to 190 mph. Virgin Group, which recently acquired Hyperloop One, unveiled the prototype for the vehicle: seating 10 people, the 8.7-meter-long capsule operates by means of electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube, and eventually hovers magnetically over the tracks it runs on after reaching sufficient velocity.

German auto manufacturer BMW helped design the pod’s interior, featuring cushy beige and white seats with interactive entertainment in the armrests. The windowless capsule has red and blue neon lighting adorning its all-white space, giving it the look of a futuristic space-travel pod.

Hyperloop One plans to launch its pod in 2020, when they predict it will be able to carry people the 87 miles from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in just 12 minutes, to Riyadh in 48 minutes, Doha in 23 minutes and Muscat in 27 minutes.

Hyperloop One

Lead Image: Virgin Hyperloop One

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