Beauty Startup Makes Clean Cosmetics A Little More Mainstream

Beauty Startup Makes Clean Cosmetics A Little More Mainstream

W3LL People is planning to use new round of investment funds to increase accessibility, without losing its artisan quality

Ivanha Paz
  • 21 march 2018

Today’s increasingly environmentally-conscious consumer has been a driving force across all industries—including the beauty sector, which has seen some dramatic changes thanks to new awareness about harmful chemicals, animal cruelty and the benefits of natural cosmetics. But eco-cosmetic brands tend to struggle with accessibility, since making organic beauty products is a refined and costly process that tends to place them in the luxury category.

Clean beauty brand W3LL People might be about to change all that, following a new round of investment from Next World Evergreen. The company is planning to use the funds to increase accessibility and make their brand a little more mainstream without losing its artisan quality.

The partnership, which started in October, is a great fit. According to Glossy, it wasn’t easy for W3LL to find a promising collaborator due to its strict production and quality standards, which focus on creating the right product, rather than boosting sales. But, since taking on funding from Next World, the brand has been able to reduce all of its prices by 30% or more. With new prices, they’ve implemented a new retail strategy, expanding from specialty stores like Credo Beauty into chains like Target.

W3LL People is proving that clean beauty isn’t a trendy luxury niche, but a necessary and natural way for the beauty industry to evolve. Although their brand remains in the “eco-luxe” category, its prices are affordable and their retail locations quickly expanding, favoring mainstream chains.

W3LL People

+W3LL People

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