Dating Service Lets People Choose Based On Voice Instead Of Image

Dating Service Lets People Choose Based On Voice Instead Of Image

Waving is a dating app that allow users to upload voice recordings about themselves instead of photos

Catherine Ollinger
  • 20 march 2018

The latest way to find a match in app-based dating does away with the standard selfies and instead features voice recordings of users introducing themselves to potential matches. The Waving app is similar to other mobile dating services like Tinder in that users swipe right for people they find interesting and left for those they’ll skip, but instead of images, it frames the person’s voice as a source of attraction by having users to upload brief recordings about their personality and interests.

The reviews for the service so far are mixed. While some users like the idea of doing away with image-based judgement and focusing more on getting to know people through spoken descriptions, others find the lack of image to be off-putting, making them more unsure about the poster’s identity and honesty. Regardless, perhaps a certain amount of mystery is simply inevitable in the online dating world.


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