Chatbots will allow businesses to cut costs, conserve resources and more efficiently meet today's consumer expectations for on-demand and personalized service

To service today’s connected, always-on marketplace, organizations require scale, speed and access to on-demand intelligence. However, PSFK researchers found, in our March 2018 survey on chat, that companies resist setting up chatbots to serve this need mainly because of the lack of humanity and emotional intelligence associated with AI, meaning that businesses are actually forgoing some of the most cost-saving and efficiency-driving techniques available today. 

Luckily, there are many ways that businesses can enlist a digital framework built on artificial intelligence and virtual agents to help meet these new demands and transform the customer relationship like never before. Here are some of the most important reasons for implementing AI to optimize business operations:

Go from operational silos to synchronized processes. A bot framework allows brands to be ready for all of their customers’ questions and problems—at all hours of the day, without overextending the resources of live agents.

Transform static data into actionable insights. Bots are composed of layers of intelligence that can play a vital role in shaping versatile, meaningful customer interactions that improve over time.

Expand from local to global markets. Chatbots can solve customer care problems in multiple languages and 24/7, allowing businesses to scale up their operations to new markets without having to worry about multiplying incoming requests.

Forgo high operational costs for profitable solutions. A chatbot equals several employees, as it can easily communicate with thousands of customers at the same time, drastically reducing costs while improving customer satisfaction.

As consumer demand for greater availability and instantaneity in customer service increases, perceptions on the use of virtual agent like chatbots shift. As Leticia Kyoto, head of AI and emerging technology at Accentia summed up, “Customers want an answer, they want their problem solved, and if a robot is helping that to happen faster and smarter they actually do enjoy that experience.”

Nearly a necessity in today's market, AI implementation provides businesses with many opportunities to grow their companies, improve their services and increase customer satisfaction.

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