BBC Made A Social Sharing App With Content For Kids

BBC Made A Social Sharing App With Content For Kids

To distribute content for viewers under 13, BBC launched a kid-friendly app with short videos, emojis and GIFs for children to enjoy

Mario Valdivieso
  • 13 april 2018

In an industry with so much content out there, it can become difficult to pinpoint what’s appropriate for children. The BBC wants to remedy this by launching CBBC Buzz, a new interactive app specifically for kids under 13 years old.

CBBC acts as a kid-friendly social network app that will have 40 new pieces content per day that arrives on their screens before and after they get out of school. Aside from parental control guidelines, the kids will be in control of their page, choosing their favorite CBBC shows, following topics that interest them and even engaging in challenges the app offers. Like any social network site, the kids can react to what they’re seeing with expressive emojis. The app will also be closely monitored by a moderation team to make sure all the content is appropriate for children.

CBBC was created as a response to BBC noticing that they were losing child viewers to other streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. They also took notice of other social network apps such as Facebook Messenger for Kids creating a platform for children to interact and share media with each other. CBBC Buzz is now available on Amazon Fire and other devices, only in the UK.


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