Truss co-founder Bobby Goodman discusses how the AI-powered real estate business developed and what's keeping the industry from becoming entirely automated

A plethora of real estate information is available to anyone online—and it's threatening to reduce the need for brokers and agents. Until recently, the process of purchasing or renting property required knowledge reserved for experts, but now that is becoming increasingly manageable for the general public.

However, one real estate company has found a way to use publicly available property data, plus AI technology, to its advantage. Truss, specializing in commercial real estate leasing, acts as an online broker, compiling and analyzing data for clients as well as offering them a chatbot service. In this extract from a podcast on real estate, Truss co-founder Bobby Goodman talks to PSFK founder and editor-in-chief Piers Fawkes about how the business developed and whether real estate transactions are on their way to becoming entirely digitized.

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