Britain’s Sugar Tax On Soda Is Now In Effect

Britain’s Sugar Tax On Soda Is Now In Effect

The new tax is one method of fighting rising rates of obesity

Jiwon Kim
  • 11 april 2018

In the United Kingdom, the cost of sugary drinks has gone up with a new tax coming into effect. This sugar tax was announced in March 2016 and was set to go into effect this year, but already has enacted change. 50% of manufacturers are reported to have changed the ingredients in their drinks in order to come below the tax threshold. Brands like Coca-Cola are subject to the tax.

The point of this tax is to fight a growing rate of obesity, with the Public Health Minister of Britain stating that teenagers consume almost a bathtub of sugary drinks every year.

Initially, the government predicted that almost £520 million would be collected from the sugar tax in the first year. However, since companies have chosen to shift ingredients, this figure has dropped to £240 million—but will still go toward funding nutritious food for children and physical activities.

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