We're gearing up for CXI 2018 on May 18 by revisiting speakers from conferences past, starting with ConBody founder Coss Marte

In the lead up to our CXI 2018 conference on May 18, PSFK is taking a look back at inspiring speakers from years past. There might be no better place to start than Coss Marte, who earned a standing ovation at PSFK's 2017 conference for his keynote about his journey from prison to entrepreneur. While serving a seven-year sentence, Coss was told that he was in such bad shape he would likely be dead in five—so he turned to exercise. Before long, he was training fellow inmates, helping the group collectively lose 1,000 pounds. Now he's the CEO of ConBody, a fitness chain that has been so embraced it even landed inside Saks Fifth Avenue

“Unlike other trendy fitness classes that are all the rage at the moment, we don’t use any equipment—just our own body weight. Also, there’s a greater purpose behind what we do. We’re not just working out; we’re solving a real problem.”

In addition to leading world-class workouts, Coss is committed to providing the formerly incarcerated with employment opportunities that they are often denied elsewhere. Watch his full talk on smashing the stigma, and join us on May 18 for this year's conference!

Hear from more pioneering speakers at CXI 2018 on May 18 in New York City—details and tickets available here.