VR Experiences Help Children Understand Medical Procedures

VR Experiences Help Children Understand Medical Procedures

A VR tool takes child patients on a tour inside their own bodies to help ease their fear and increase their understanding of medical treatments

Jiwon Kim
  • 9 april 2018

Even adult patients often struggle to understand the medical procedures they have to undergo, and it can be a frightening experience. For kids, this problem is amplified. Klick Health developed a VR tool that allows children to learn about healthcare and the body. The company partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital to create a VR experience that helps children understand different medical procedures, such as colonoscopies and endoscopies. Called HealthVoyager, it utilizes the patient’s actual data to create a virtual model of how their body looks inside. Using a VR viewer, children can explore their insides with some guidance.

To make it more interesting, the children can create their own avatar to start off the experience. The whole experience is designed to engage children visually and make it easy for physicians to explain different parts of the body and components of the procedure.

HealthVoyager is meant not only to increase the knowledge of these young patients, but also help them deal with the emotions of going through the procedure. It can be a scary thing for children to undergo treatment. This platform is a great learning experience while opening the doors for communication between children, parents and physicians. Since it is difficult for children to filter through medical jargon, this experience may provide children a deeper understanding of what to expect and, hopefully, bring some comfort.

Klick Health

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