London Bar Created A Drink Menu Just For Dogs

London Bar Created A Drink Menu Just For Dogs
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In celebration of National Pet Month, Smith & Whistle will serve specialty drinks for their patrons' canine companions

Mario Valdivieso
  • 13 april 2018

It can be fun to grab drinks with our closest friends—but what if that friend is your dog? In honor of National Pet Month, a bar in Mayfair, London wants to provide dog lovers with a chance to grab a drink with their canine companions by offering them a drink menu of their own.

For the month of April, Smith & Whistle will have a drink menu specifically for dogs put together by canine nutritionist David Jackson. The “Dogtail” menu includes four blended nutrition drinks in the style of a cocktail (without alcohol of course) for your pet to drink while you enjoy a cold one. Some examples include the Poochie Colada, which is a mix of coconut water, kale and broccoli, and the Hounds Hop, which is a specially brewed “dog beer” combined with a fresh mint flavor.

In addition to the dog drinks, the bar has also decorated the interior and menus with paw prints. It has even gone as far as changing its name for the month to Smith & Whistle & Max. The goal was to celebrate the beloved pets while also providing patrons the option of being able to unwind without having to leave their dogs behind.

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