This Company ‘Fishes’ For Plastic And Turns It Into Office Furniture

This Company ‘Fishes’ For Plastic And Turns It Into Office Furniture
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Plastic Whale brings tourists to fish plastic out of Amsterdam's canals, then recycles it into furniture

Cristina DiGiacomo
  • 11 april 2018

Plastic Whale, the first plastic fishing company in the world, had its start booking plastic fishing boat tours in Amsterdam. Tourists and groups can fish for plastic in Amsterdam’s canals, and the plastic is recycled to make more plastic fishing boats. In partnership with design studio Lama Concept and manufacturer Vepa, Plastic Whale has set its sights on a new product line: office furniture.

Plastic Whale has fished out over 105,000 bottles, which go into its circular design process. The furniture line includes conference room tables and chairs, lamps and acoustic panels, with a design aesthetic that mirrors the company’s aquatic motif based on its mission and mascot.

Plastic Whale is on a mission to rid the world of what it calls “plastic soup.” 10% of the proceeds from the sale of the office furniture goes back into its foundation, which works with local groups to create more circular economy opportunities for sustainable practices.

Plastic Whale

Lead Image: Plastic Whale via Facebook

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