Reali CEO Amit Haller discusses how real estate is following in the travel industry's footsteps to serve a consumer empowered by information now freely available online

The need for middlemen in real estate transactions is on the decline as the availability of property information increases online. Rather than eliminating the need for agents, this trend has instead lead to new opportunities for digital property-related transactions.

Tech-focused real estate agency Reali has taken advantage of the industry's changing landscape, creating an  efficient, largely digital service for estate transactions, cutting costs for buyers and sellers by charging them each a flat-rate fee. For a recent podcast on real estate startups, PSFK founder and editor-in-chief Piers Fawkes spoke to Amit Haller, the founder and CEO of Reali. In this extract from their conversation, the pair discuss the digitization of real estate processes and how Reali achieves transparency and efficiency with its app-based service.

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