Red Bull Opens An Underground Gaming Haven In London

Red Bull Opens An Underground Gaming Haven In London

The beverage brand created a new arena to help provide the eSports community with much-needed locations in which to convene

Leo Lutero
  • 2 april 2018

Unlike football with neighborhood fields or basketball with its courts, eSports players have a hard time finding locations where they can practice their craft seriously. Red Bull is trying to change that by introducing Gaming Spheres, arenas specifically dedicated to eSports activities. The Australian beverage company opened a new sphere in Shoreditch, London, following its first in Tokyo.

In the British iteration, no expense is spared: The centerpiece is a 190-inch LED screen that can be used to broadcast games. The floor-to-ceiling device is hooked up to a 6-by-6-foot gaming station, equipped with powerful Asus hardware. It’s the perfect set-up for tournaments, with ample seating area for fans to enjoy the game.

Additionally, there are two booths for immersive racing: One is a VR experience that includes a headset and a three-screen display to simulate the windshield of a racecar. The more casual gamers can rest themselves on couches in front of multi-console televisions. They can play their favorite games on Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

The Gaming Sphere is Red Bull’s gamble in finding new customers in the esports industry. Data by Statista says there is some $906 million in the esports industry with millions of fans worldwide. Unlike more traditional sports, esports is still finding its footing as a global phenomenon. By providing these Gaming Spheres, Red Bull creates branded experience as well as furnishes the esports community with local headquarters.

Only those 16 years of age and over are allowed inside. Visitors can expect organized competitions and other events from the venue located at #2 Chance Street, London.


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