Refining Wealth Management On Digital Channels

Refining Wealth Management On Digital Channels
Financial Services

PSFK’s Digital Banking Playbook with Microsoft breaks down how wealth managers can hone their services with digital tools for client experience, risk management and security

  • 3 april 2018

Wealth management firms depend on client relationships first and foremost, with each one requiring top-notch, individualized attention. PSFK’s Digital Banking Playbook in partnership with Microsoft defines how digital tools can help wealth managers hone the services they provide by augmenting the client experience, risk management and security.

Client Experience

  • Facilitate an anywhere, anytime client relationship by building secure wealth management tools into consumers’ preferred social and digital channels  
  • Identify how contextual factors, like a change of career or a death in the family, might affect clients’ wealth management decisions; partner with services that can predict and communicate these touchpoints with clients
  • Consider how sharing aggregated portfolio updates directly with consumers, such as a daily mobile update or digital debrief, can help them feel in control of their investments
  • Stratify investment tools by level of automation in order to offer a wider range of solutions to a greater audience

Risk Management

  • Mitigate risk by running investment simulation models that use real-time global market data to more accurately predict portfolio performance and adjust as needed
  • Create a flagging compliance system that uses data insights from previous trades and investments to automatically mark potential irregularities to reduce the risk of non-compliance


  • Enable software-supported portfolio management tools to offload day-to-day tracking, compliance and risk management from analysts
  • Reduce compliance burden and associated costs by ensuring that customers’ devices and digital management channels are secure

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