The CX Playbook lays the groundwork for brands looking to build purpose-driven campaigns, products and experiences

Today’s brands are competing against a new paradigm of conscious consumers and tech-enabled players, but they’ve been resorting to “cheap tricks” and illusive tactics to gain an edge. Does a limited-season line of eco-friendly clothes counteract years of wasteful production? Will an updated Terms of Service page help restore consumer trust in the wake of data-collection controversies?

Unfortunately, these altruistic initiatives act as little more than temporary Band-Aids. At most, they elevate a brand to top-of-mind for their audiences—but the inevitable disruptor is often just around the corner, with a startup edge, transparent processes and consumer-centric approach, seamlessly gaining customers’ interest and trust through purpose-led brand experiences.

The CX Playbook by PSFK (available as part of PSFK Premium Membershiplays the groundwork for any brand looking to effectively build purpose-driven campaigns, products and brand experiences that will sustain consumer interest and gain long-term loyalty. Based on PSFK’s robust trends-analysis across consumer-focused industries, the CX Playbook will guide retailers to success through three actionable steps, supported by nine trends-based initiatives, along with implementation strategies, consumer insights and best-in-class case studies.

The 40+ page playbook includes:

  • Key insights on the needs, desires and expectations of modern consumers
  • 3 steps for engaging customers at every touchpoint
  • 9 trends-based initiatives supported by 36 exemplary case studies
  • Supporting data from PSFK’s 2018 Customer Experience Survey
  • Industry implications for all consumer-facing industries

Download the full report today to get a leg up on an evolving customer-brand journey. And watch this space for related insights in the coming weeks: CX Playbook Coverage.