Devon Powers, PhD in media, culture and communication, shares insights from her research on the trends industry, futurism and consumer culture ahead of her talk at PSFK's CXI 2018 conference

Trend forecasters and innovation experts tend to be extremely passionate about their jobs, but the casual observer might look at them and simply wonder, what, how and why? Even people within the industry can benefit from taking a step back to consider those questions. Following the broader movements of trends around the world is exactly what Devon Powers does in her research on consumer culture.

Devon is an associate professor at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication, and her next book, On Trend: Marketing the Cultural Future, is due out in 2019. Before she joins PSFK as a keynote speaker at the CXI 2018 conference on May 18, she shared some of her insights on trends and futurism with our founder and editor-in-chief Piers Fawkes.

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