PSFK caught up with Janett Liriano and Madison Maxey, the visionaries behind fabrics that can heat, light, sense and gather data

Momentum has been building, in fashion and beyond, for textiles that can do most of the things a phone can—possibly more—but feel and move just like the clothes consumers have been wearing for decades. Think: a jacket that lights up a cyclist's silhouette at night or a boot that warms the wearer's toes in winter, without the trouble of complex gadgetry.

The New York startup LOOMIA is on the forefront of this technology. Founder and technical lead Madison Maxey and CEO Janett Liriano will take the stage together at our CXI 2018 conference on May 18 to speak about their work and demonstrate the product in action: the LOOMIA Electronic Layer, a soft flexible circuit that is capable of heating, lighting, sensing and data tracking. On top of that, the team is developing a blockchain-based system, known as TILE, that allows users to collect their own data and, if they choose, sell it to brands in exchange for benefits.

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