Christina Janzer, Slack's Head of Research, describes how her team designs human-centric user experiences (and reveals her favorite emoji) before joining us at our CXI 2018 conference on May 18

There's a generation of professionals who are more accustomed to texting than talking—and work itself has changed along with them. Technology has made remote and flexible office structures a possibility, but often at the expense of the social element that has existed around the office water cooler. Most of the time, none of that is regained in enterprise UX.

Christina Janzer, head of research at Slack, leads a team devoted to solving this problem. The messaging platform has become wildly popular for its innovative approach to enterprise tools: simply making them friendly and fun. Christina will deliver a keynote at our CXI 2018 conference on May 18 in New York City. Ahead of the event, spoke to PSFK founder and editor-in-chief Piers Fawkes about designing user experiences, and why it's so important to understand the root of people's needs—beyond what they're telling you they want from a product.

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