Marc Rosen of Levi Strauss & Company discusses why his brand is moving to the direct-to-consumer model in an age where business is strongly subject to the behavior and needs of consumers

In a market where what the consumer says goes, brands are needing to find ways to connect more directly with the demands of their customers. One method in particular that businesses large and small are increasingly implementing to do so is the direct-to-consumer retail model, which removes traditional marketers and middlemen to reach consumers personally and bolster their relationship to the brand.

For our Direct-To-Consumer Retail podcast, PSFK founder Piers Fawkes sits down with Marc Rosen, EVP and president of global e-commerce at Levi Strauss & Company, to discuss how his company has evolved to better satisfy customers' needs by focusing on what their problem areas are with the product—in Levi's case, issues of fit and style. Marc further shares his insight on implementing emerging technologies and seeking out the right partners to more directly attend to the particular demands of his company's consumers.

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