A roundup of strategies from PSFK's CX Playbook lay the foundation for brands looking to build purpose-driven campaigns, products and experiences that inspire consumer engagement and long-term loyalty

To be successful in today’s highly competitive marketplace, brands need to engage consumers differently, providing a closer relationship between top-level decision makers, product teams and marketing departments to craft a unified and enhanced brand experience.

Over the past week, we revealed three main strategies, which we cover in depth in our recently launched CX Playbook, that can help companies transform their brand and redefine how it connects with the modern consumer across the product lifecycle. Here are the most important steps to take to become a purpose-led brand:

Build customer trust using a human approach to branding

Aligning brand mission by committing to being a force for good and exposing consumers to inspirational content like change-making initiatives is a major way for businesses to increase their interest and value to their audience. Additionally, ensuring end-to-end transparency by being upfront about information concerning product production, pricing and policies is an important element in appealing to consumer demand for honest and trustworthy brands. Finally, offering customers digital agency by providing access to tools and platforms that help people manage and control their own data usage ultimately empowers them to make smarter decisions and feel confident about their purchases.

Cultivate an ecosystem around services or products to increase brand value to customers

Becoming a lifestyle partner for customers by broadening their engagement beyond products and services is a step toward building a surround-sound brand environment. This can involve extending product value—perhaps through complimentary repair or educational services—and providing valuable resources that help consumers get the most out of their products. A final way to further integrate customers into the brand is to let them lead R&D themselves, inviting fans to contribute ideas and feedback for collaborative products that address their needs while working to cultivate a valuable relationship.

Empower audiences to do more and participate actively with a company's offers

Brands can act as both a partner and a platform, offering access to programs, initiatives and tools that allow consumers to connect and participate. One way is by empowering consumers to pursue interests on their own terms through training, tools and platforms that the brand provides. Another tactic to enable greater participation is providing network impact, or syncing audiences to real-life opportunities that encourage them to volunteer for or contribute to a broader initiative. Finally, being the bridge to community allows customers the ability to organize themselves around shared interests through the brand when it provides them with programs and spaces that allow them to do so. 

This is just a peek at the strategies to help brands improve their connections to consumers, spanning pre- and post-purchase as well as long-term loyalty. For more detailed information on improving brand success and engagement with conscious customers, download PSFK's CX Playbook.