In this interview, founder of Sensorwake Guillaume Roland speaks about how his company is using the power and benefits of scent to help people sleep better, pairing technology with natural remedies to respond to consumer demand for wellness products that are gentle yet effective

As more consumers turn to natural and DIY remedies for everything from the common cold to more serious conditions, homeopathic and  alternative healing methods are gaining in popularity. And thanks to the ever-lasting wellness trend, the realm of aromatherapy is expanding to integrate with the latest technology, bringing consumers optimally useful yet natural and organic remedies.

Sensorwake is a company that is doing just that with its fragrance-diffusing alarm clocks that aim to help people achieve better quality sleep as well as gently wake them in the morning. In an interview for a podcast, PSFK founder Piers Fawkes spoke to Sensorwake CEO Guillaume Roland about his products, located at the intersection of technology, wellness and scent, and how they are responding to consumer demand for natural health and sleep support.

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