In this interview, sensory design and fragrance expert Olivia Jezler shares her insight on the potential for scent, when integrated into retail design, to provide more meaningful and engaging experiences for consumers

The almighty olfactory sense is often overlooked when it comes to store and product design—and yet is extremely powerful and effective when used in conjunction with the typical visual and audio elements involved in curating the customer experience. This is why retailers are increasingly looking to incorporate select smells into their offerings, hoping to harness the influence of scent on consumers' mood, feelings and awareness.

Olivia Jezler is an expert at marshaling scents to design experiences for retail and beyond, and explained in a podcast interview with PSFK founder Piers Fawkes how scent is poised to enable more engaging and immersive experiences than ever thanks to its intersection with the latest technology. Here Olivia describes what the future of scent could be for retailers and consumers alike.

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