Local Now is tapping into the website's wealth of content to round out its customized offerings and help users make dining decisions

Local Now, a mobile and T.V. streaming app that's powered by The Weather Channel, partnered with popular review site Yelp in an effort to help curate quality recommendations for foodies who find themselves overwhelmed by restaurant options in their neighborhood.

According to The Weather Group’s Shimika Wilder Jones, “We’re excited to partner with Yelp as the most trusted and go-to crowd-sourced review and business rating services. The partnership will allow users to discover new, top-rated dining locations in their area.” The hope is that, through the collaboration, hyperlocal reviews will allow hungry users to discover both popular spots and hidden gems that they weren't familiar with previously.

As technology continues to change and advance, the consumer demand for personalization and tailored content increases. By joining forces with Yelp, Local Now is able to expand its growing portfolio, which already includes partnerships with content providers like The Associated Press and Cheddar.

Local Now