A senior exec at Outdoor Voices describes the DTC brand's mission to imbue an active lifestyle into its customers' shopping experience.

Retail today is all about maximizing the customer experience, from immersive pop-ups and engaging activations to AR and VR integrations and more. Using interest-piquing IRL experiences is more important than ever for driving sales from new and returning customers.

In this vein, athleisure retailer Outdoor Voices created an innovative way to blend its brand message—to get people moving, outdoors and having fun—with its products, designing a pop-up experience that directed people to outdoor trail locations where they could view exclusive merchandise from the retailer in augmented reality via their mobile phones. In an interview for a podcast, Outdoor Voices vice president of technology Kevin Harwood explained to PSFK founder Piers Fawkes how his company is leveraging technology like augmented to integrate physical activity with the shopping experience, helping further engage consumers and drive sales through mobile interfaces.

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