Our new report provides a framework for brands and retailers to use relevant occasions and events to build long-term consumer engagement

While industry professionals know that marketing and promotions around traditional events and occasions are a critical part of the marketing mix, many feel that their efforts aren't having the impact they should especially at a time when consumer's tastes and expectations have changed. PSFK's Occasion-Based Marketing Debrief explains how marketers and retails can reframe their efforts to engage customers through occasion-based marketing and drive sales.

According to PSFK's recent survey of marketers and advertisers, occasion-based marketing is very or extremely important (69%) to a brand or retailer’s overall marketing strategy. However, 55% of respondents said that their attempts at occasion-based marketing are just somewhat effective, with only 7% saying that they were very effective. Our latest retail innovation report, the Occasion-Based Marketing Debrief, outlines the ways in which brands and retailers can make their occasion-based marketing strategies more compelling, moving beyond traditional holidays to connect more deeply with their customers through moments and events that spotlight lifestyles and passions.

Traditionally, occasion-based marketing has centered on promotions around major holidays. However, today's consumers have a new set of events and occasions that they choose to celebrate—in both small and personal and big and social ways. This report outlines a new framework for occasion-based marketing, highlighting new opportunities for not only generating excitement and sales but also creating positive brand associations that last well beyond the occasion itself. The report also spotlights multiple best-in-class examples of brand activations and campaigns that bring our trends to life and a set of guiding principles to rethink your strategic approach.

As always, this report is now available to our Premium Members.