Cred's founder Brendon McQueen illuminates PSFK readers on how the accessible platform is bridging the gap between cryptocurrency exchanges and mass adoption, and how shopper education is at the root of its rollout

Cryptocurrency is all the rage—in the right circles, forums and financial houses, that is. There are still many issues that hold back the average consumer from mass adoption of the currency: aspects like comprehension of the technology, trust and transparency hangups, and accessibility. That's where the all-in-one platform Cred enters the scene.

The mobile app, available on iOS and Android, lowers all barriers to entry when it comes to cryptocurrency, whether it's buying, selling or investing it. In the end, Cred believes that education, especially presented in the form of an easy-to-use platform, will bring about the kind of crypto mass adoption crypto-enthusiasts have been gunning for. To understand how Cred is assisting with shopper education and assistance where the digital medium of exchange is concerned, PSFK spoke with Cred's CEO Brendon McQueen.

PSFK: Besides the high price and knowledge barrier-to-entry, what particular investor pain points do you see within the cryptocurrency marketplace?

Brendon McQueen: We also believe that one of the biggest pain points for entering crypto is trust due to a lack of understanding and education behind each coin, what it does, how it makes (or loses) value, etc.

We really tried to address that head-on with Cred so that investors can make informed decisions when investing either passively or actively.

crytocurrency investing

As part of its core ethos, Cred strives to empower its users to invest in cryptocurrency by providing them with an easy-to-use, educational platform. Accordingly, how do you believe that shopper education streamlines the investor journey?

Most crypto investing platforms require hundreds or thousands in minimum deposits. We require just $10 to get started and cap at $2,000 a month because everyday users don't have access to more than that per month for investing.

The “learn” button on all of Cred’s coins allows users to understand the history of and relevance of each potential investment offering. How does storytelling enhance a Cred user’s buying experience? Is it a way to build trust in an industry that has lost plenty of it in recent months?

Crypto isn't going anywhere, so if you believe in the underlying concepts of cryptocurrency, it's actually a great time to buy because as more utility is drawn from the coins themselves, their value will no doubt rise. Regarding telling a story, we think that people can make a connection to a coin, its story and its purpose, much the same way people invest in Tesla—because they believe in the mission. This storytelling or educating is a key facet of Cred offering a curated selection of alt coins and opening this market to a broader consumer audience.

With Cred offering a variety of investment plans (everyday purchases, recurring investments and one-time investments), can you elaborate on how you believe personalization influences a customer’s user experience?

Personalization is not only the future of everything but it's what customers, especially millennials, have come to expect. This also gives contract back to the user when it comes to investing in crypto. They can choose how they save and when through these options. One key piece of data thus far is that over 60% of investments that are set up on the platform are recurring, which is a good sign for people holding crypto for the long haul.

Traditionally, many individuals who choose to invest in stocks, bonds and now cryptocurrency choose to be passive investors. How do you believe an app like Cred will encourage individuals to be active investors? 

Most people are passive investors because they simply don't understand what they're investing in, aren't armed with the proper resources to become educated and, simply put, the volatility of the S&P 500 is like watching paint dry to a generation of people hooked on instant content. Therefore, crypto is inherently more engaging versus your mutual fund.

We're making investing in crypto easy to do and understand in the hopes that people will take a more active role in investing and keeping up with the market.


Whether it's through the act of buying, selling or investing in crypto coins, Cred believes in the power of education and shopper assistance to drive adoption, even in a category plagued by many user adoption issues. For more strategies from brands like Cred, see PSFK’s newsletters and reports.

Lead image: golden bitcoin stock photo from DedMityay/Shutterstock