Equipping employees with advanced tools, businesses are enabling workers to complete their tasks more efficiently and safely, improving the employee experience while raising workplace productivity

Brands looking to alleviate certain pains and increase the efficiency of their business are turning to integrating digital interfaces into the work environment. Adding a layer of real-time support by equipping employees with advanced tools enables them to complete their tasks more efficiently and safely, improving their overall productivity.

From ergonomic solutions to maintenance software designed to listen to vibrations, companies are creating products that provide substantial assistance  for employees. Here's how three brands are enhancing how people work:

StrongArm Technologies
Ergonomic solutions company StrongArm Technologies developed a vest with integrated sensors that shifts heavy loads from injury-prone parts of the body to stronger areas. The V22 also makes the wearer adopt proper lifting positions, helping them avoid any potential injuries.

Industrial IoT startup Petasense created a hardware/software solution designed to help industrial customers understand when equipment needs maintenance by “listening” to its vibrations. The vibration sensor feeds data about the vibrations wirelessly to the cloud, analyzes it and presents it to users.

Samsung x ALICE
Mobile hospitality app ALICE partnered with technology company Samsung to release a smartwatch solution that will let employees perform operations such as housekeeping, maintenance and porter services more efficiently. Samsung Gear S3 watches embedded with ALICE send alerts when a guest request arises, and employees can accept the task with a tap of the watch, letting other employees know that someone is already attending to the guest. The hands-free solution is more convenient than a walkie talkie or phone for people who are often carrying trays or luggage, and gives them more time to focus on customer service.

By enabling a hybrid workplace, employees save time and effort on tasks that would otherwise hinder overall productivity and enjoyment of their work, freeing them to focus on more meaningful projects that require human input. For more information, see PSFK's report Improving the Employee Experience.

Lead image: Cutting edge technology stock photo from g-stockstudio/Shutterstock