In this interview, MADE OF's founder shares their process for creating natural skincare offerings that appeal to health and environmentally-conscious consumers

As natural and organic products continue to increase in popularity, there is growing demand among consumers for transparency regarding brands' claims to natural, organic and sustainable products. Not all labels are what they appear to be and consumers have caught on. Now they seem to be looking for authentic and reliable brands that can back up their claims to quality product.

This is why MADE OF, a brand specializing in baby skincare and products, has dedicated itself to providing not only high-quality, ethically-sourced, organic goods, but also to offering consumers all of the information to prove its claims, helping ensure peace of mind. In an interview for a podcast, PSFK's head of research and strategy Scott Lachut spoke to Igor Bekker, founder of MADE OF, about how his company maintains its commitment to total transparency and drives customer loyalty.

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