In order to foster a strong workforce, companies are expertly equipping their employees, providing connected headsets and monitors that sync to IoT sensors to deliver pertinent information, priority tasks and analytics

Improving the workplace is an important goal for many companies, as a positive and efficient environment encourages not only a streamlined and better quality job for employees, but also benefits business. Accordingly, brands are employing high-tech devices that provide employees with the real-time assistance and data they need to work at optimum capacity.

From connected glasses and apps to IoT data visualization, employers are increasingly finding resourceful and creative ways to support their workers on the job. Here's how three brands are empowering the employee experience:

Assembly line workers at the airplane manufacturer’s factory are equipped with tablets or connected glasses that sync to a larger IoT hub for actionable instructions about specific materials and tools. In one of their use cases, workers are able to determine proper bolt type and size and torque required for installation.

The Lighthouse workplace tracking platform and associated app provides workers with context-dependent information like task lists, safety information and instructions, allowing companies to optimize the efficiency of their labor force. The service uses a combination of beacons and IoT sensors to trigger relevant commands when workers pass a specific zone or area.

Computer hardware company RealWear developed a hands-free wearable device that can attach to a safety helmet for remote mentor video calling, document navigation, guided workflow and IoT data visualization. The wearable allows workers to receive actionable and highly pertinent information without disrupting the physical task at hand.

Companies are increasingly aiming to design and execute a workplace experience that gives them a competitive advantage in recruitment and retention, therefore investing in their workers and striving to make their experience more meaningful. For more information on this topic, see PSFK's report Improving The Employee Experience.

Lead image: Internet of Things stock photo from Foxy burrow/Shutterstock