Brands are marshaling artificial intelligence to enable everything from personalized regimens that help customers treat skin conditions at home to voice-integrated tools that help diabetics monitor symptoms themselves

Consumers make innumerable daily decisions that can impact their health and wellness, and often do so in the absence of resources or guidance that could have enabled them to make healthier choices. Accordingly, as detailed in PSFK's Retail Health & Wellness report, retailers and brands are capitalizing on this open opportunity to provide support with AI-enabled tools, allowing in-the-moment and on-the-go expertise on everything from nutrition to skin care.

In particular, when it comes to receiving healthcare support, 47% of respondents chose an AI doctor over a human one, and when asked about the AI applications that excited them most, 67% chose medical apps that will make diagnosing easier. Taking note, brands are focusing on offering platforms like AI-enabled mobile apps, symptom trackers, voice assistants and more to stay in synch with consumers and deliver the on-demand, everyday assistance they need to live healthier lives. Here's how three major companies are driving brand engagement by accompanying consumers' health journeys every step of the way:

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