From fashion and beauty retailers to the realm of food and beverage, brands are focusing their efforts on enabling live shoppable content, catering to the instant gratification trend among consumers as well as building better rapport with their audience

As brands rethink how to best engage with consumers, one of the increasingly popular strategies they are employing is enabling live streaming and connected platforms. These interfaces allow consumers to collectively view and interact with digital content in real time, which encourages two-way conversation with brands as well as builds a community of fans along the purchase path. 

Not only do consumers pay attention to video content the most, but 53% say they want to see more video content in the future, and 43% say branded video content is the most memorable. Accordingly, retailers are concentrating on live-stream product pitches and allowing consumers to shop directly in real time through live broadcasts and shows. Detailed in PSFK's Content & Commerce Debrief report, here's a glimpse at how three major companies are incorporating this tactic into their brand strategy: 

Beauty brand L’Oreal turned the Cannes Film Festival into a live shopping event for Chinese fashion fans using social platform WeChat’s Mini-Program, a commerce-enabled lightweight app. The brand broadcast live footage of Chinese celebrities getting made up and then walking the red carpet, and viewers could comment directly on the page while watching the videos. The L’Oreal products that the celebrities used were displayed at the bottom of the screen, enabling viewers to shop them with one click.

Department store chain Macy’s hosted a live styling session featuring fashion influencers, using a new Instagram Live Video feature that lets two people live stream simultaneously. The influencers were provided with the same articles of Macy’s clothing, such as a spring dress. Each influencer then styled an outfit and then tag and challenge another influencer to re-style the items. Viewers were encouraged to participate by commenting on how they would have styled the items themselves.

Spirits brand Bacardi partnered with dancers Les Twins to create an interactive music video for Instagram. Fans were able to direct the video in real time, providing input on lighting and choreography via Instagram Stories’ polls, and their feedback was incorporated into the final video, which was streamed on the brand’s IGTV channel.

2/3 of all U.S. consumers expect direct connectivity to the companies from which they buy goods and services, a desire that shoppable live-streams and broadcasts like these aim to fulfill. For more about how retailers are employing innovative types of content to better engage their audience, see PSFK's recently launched report, the Content & Commerce Debrief

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Lead image:  friends watching video stock photo from GaudiLab/Shutterstock