The Walmart-owned digital marketplace is looking to target customers in New York City by offering improved features like three-hour delivery and localized online shopping pages

For online marketplace Jet, the next frontier is targeting customers in big cities. Accordingly, the site is courting them with a bevy of new features.

As Jet tries to differentiate itself from its competitors like Amazon, it is offering better shipping options like three-hour delivery through its new acquisition Parcel. In addition, it is working with more local brands in order to entice regulars of Bedford Cheese Shop, Pat LaFrieda, Just Bagels and more to take part in the service. Customers will even have access to a localized web page.

Jet will be testing out these new features in New York City to see if the strategies do indeed grab the attention of urbanites. “The GDP of the New York metro area is bigger than many international countries,” said Simon Belsham, President of Jet.“ We’ll test strategies in New York, like Jetblack, then eventually expand into other cities. In the meantime, we’ll continue to evolve the business in other cities while we’re testing new strategies in a great market.”


Lead image: Jet via Facebook