The interactive videos allow shoppers an engaging way to click to buy, driving sales for the beauty retailer while also providing it with key consumer purchase data

British brand Jo Malone, favored by many for its range of perfume, scented candles and bath products among other luxury items, recently released a campaign video that is completely shoppable. The campaign, featuring brand spokesperson Poppy Delevingne, is in promotion of the retailer's new limited-edition Queen of Pop collection.

The interactive format serves to both introduce customers to the products while also providing a platform for instant purchase. Creative content that also directly links to e-commerce is becoming increasingly popular, as PSFK detailed in its Content & Commerce Debrief, as consumers become used to the see-now, buy-now structure that is promoted on platforms like Instagram.

A plethora of online content, like music videos, sponsored or not, can appear to serve as advertisements, without actually providing access to or information about the products. Jo Malone's decision to create and promote its own video content that at once allows user interaction as well as an instant means to purchase, creates a direct link between brand and customer to drive sales.

Not only does this make it easier than ever for consumers to find and purchase the products they see in ads, but also ensures that brands like Jo Malone can observe and measure exactly how consumers are interacting with its promotional materials. The retailer hops this campaign format will allow it to better note which products customers are reacting to and how they shop, and then use this knowledge to inform future collections and campaigns.

For more about how retailers like Jo Malone are using shoppable media, see PSFK's Content & Commerce Debrief.

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Lead image: Jo Malone via Facebook