As consumer interest in looking after their mental health increases, brands are expanding their resource options, providing on-demand convenience in the form of virtual counseling and CBT-versed chatbots

One of the major constituents of modern consumers' picture of healthy living is their mental health and wellness, a hot topic of discussion that is becoming increasingly mainstream. More people are reaching out for support than ever before, expressing a growing demand in the space as well as an opportunity for brands to supply new forms of aid, as outlined in PSFK's Retail Health & Wellness Debrief.

Healthcare providers like therapists or counselors can be costly, and aren't available to all consumers. Furthermore, some seeking support may feel intimidated by the therapist couch setting, or simply have trouble finding time to schedule appointments. Accordingly, retailers are focusing on marshaling technological advances to fill this gap, empowering consumers with resources like virtual therapy sessions, chatbot coaches and mindfulness meditation apps that marry support with on-demand convenience. Here's how three brands are bringing mental health aid to consumers' fingertips:

X2AI made mental health care affordable and accessible through Tess, a chatbot who coaches people through common challenges, such as depression or anxiety.

Talkspace offers affordable, convenient online therapy sessions with licensed therapists.

Woebot is a therapy chatbot that uses the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy to treat depression, through an approachable, conversational interface.

Headspace makes meditation mainstream through its user-friendly app design and decidedly non-hippy branding.

71% of millennials abide by the belief that mental and physical health are intertwined, and brands are responding accordingly by empowering consumers to take charge of their mental wellbeing with greater convenience and on-demand assistance. For more information on how retailers are servicing modern health needs, see PSFK's report the Retail Health & Wellness Debrief.

Lead Image: Mental Health board image By from Shutterstock