Retailers are focusing on rebranding products and service related to female health and hygiene, availing themselves of digital, personalized and on-demand tools that empower women to take charge of their wellbeing

A growing group of new retailers is focusing on removing the stigma that surrounds previously taboo health topics, in particular catering to consumer demand for information, resources and receptivity regarding feminine healthcare and hygiene. Through modern branding, straightforward communications and an improved customer experience, brands are opening up discussions on subjects like sexual health and fertility for women, helping empower them and delivering the support they need.

As described in our recent report, The Retail Health & Wellness Debrief, focusing on how retailers can better meet current consumer demands in the healthy-living pace, PSFK has identified specific companies enabling on-demand products and services that ensure women's health and hygiene needs are seen as a priority. Here are 6 inspiring brands pioneering the development of dialogue and care surrounding female health in innovative, digital ways:

LOLA lets women create customized subscription boxes of its natural feminine care and sexual health products. It also launched a call service aimed at encouraging open conversations about sexual health

Maven is a healthcare app that connects women with vetted healthcare providers, helping patients find support regarding issues like pregnancy and fertility, emotional health and wellbeing, pediatric care and more.  

The Pill Club
The Pill Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers birth control prescriptions to women’s doors.

Kindbody helps women take control of their fertility by offering personalized guidance through the complex processes of egg freezing and in vitro fertilization.

Scanwell offers at-home testing and same-day prescriptions for urinary tract infections, as well as an online community where women can get advice from fellow UTI sufferers.

Ritual uses pure formulations and beautiful design to turn female multivitamins into daily opportunities for self-care

These are just a few companies that have developed products and services that bring light to and benefit the female health and hygiene space. For the full list, see PSFK’s report, The Retail Health & Wellness Debrief.

Lead image: cheerful young woman stock photo from WAYHOME Studio/Shutterstock