Brands are helping their employees achieve their wellness goals by providing them with on-site fitness and health tools, from office gyms and clinics to partnering with mobile dental services

People are well aware of the importance of fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, pursuing health while working long hours sitting indoors can disrupt even the best-laid plans, resulting in frustration and discouragement for many office workers.

To help solve this dilemma, companies are focusing on integrating wellness aspects into the workplace itself,  offering on-site programs and services like health clinics or fitness studios that make it possible for employees to fit health and wellness into their everyday lives. Here are three inspiring ways that brands are making maintaining fitness and health routines a viable possibility for their employees:

Technology company Apple is in the process of creating its own on-site health clinic at its Bay Area headquarters. AC Wellness is a subsidiary of Apple and will be dedicated to offering Apple employees concierge-style health and wellness services, with nurse practitioners, fitness experts and healthcare professionals with backgrounds in alternative and functional medicine. While other employers offer on-site medical clinics, Apple’s is one of the few that will not be run by a third party.

Athletic apparel company Reebok incorporated a two-story fitness center into its new Boston headquarters. The 30,000-square foot gym contains a boxing ring, a spin studio, a yoga studio, a dance studio, and a cross-fit studio. To encourage employees to take advantage of the state-of-the-art facility, Reebok allows them to access it for $75 a month, but reduces the rate every time they work out.

Floss Bar
Dental health startup Floss Bar brings dental services to the workplace, making the experience more convenient—and social. Employees can receive professional teeth cleaning and even dental X-rays in their office conference room, making it easy for them to get dental care without having to miss work. Employers can host Floss Bar events free of charge, as they accept most dental insurance plans. Floss Bar’s clients include Lego, WeWork and General Electric.

These are just a few examples of how retailers are integrating healthy living routines into the workspace. For more information on how companies are integrating health and wellness programs into their business models, see PSFK's report The Office As Service Experience.